Wheel on over!

Lilly Bingen

Are you having trouble with dragging your goods in sledges? Wheel on over and i will hook you up with a handy wheel of mine!

Are you wondering what the wheel does and what it is??

If you are wondering what this wheel does, I will give you 4 awesome facts about this wheel!

1. It will help you with carrying your goods to long distant places. So there is no more struggles with having to drag your goods in sledges.

2. This is the most important invention made!

3. I created a device called the potters wheel. The potters wheel spins clay, while a crafts person shapes it into bowls. That is how the wheel was made.

4. I was the first person to create wheeled vehicles, including carts, and wagons.

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Wheel on over and I will give you a handy wheel of mine!