Emory University

Courtnee Island

General Information

  • Atlanta, GA
  • Founded 1836
  • Private University
  • Student Population: 14,769
  • 57% female
  • 43% male

Tuition and Costs

  • Tuition:

    • $47,500 (in-state and out)

  • Room and Board:

    • $7,720

  • Fees:

    • $614

  • Food:

    • $5,410

  • Books:

    • $1,224

  • Travel and etc:

    • $2,390

Scholarships Offered

Merit-Based Scholarships

  • Georgia HOPE
  • National Merit
  • Goizueta Scholars
  • Emory Scholars
  • Emory University Scholars Program
Need-Based Scholarships

  • Emory Advantage
  • Emory's Loan Cap Program
  • Grant/Work-study/Low-Interest Loans

My Dorm

I like Raoul Hall at Emory University because it has an elevator, secure wireless internet, an Emory Prox Card to open your dorm room, in-suite bathrooms, first floor kitchen, and low rates of $3,957.

Student Activities and Sports

  • Baseball, Basketball, Cycle/Triathlon,Equestrian,Fencing, Rugby, Soccer, Volleyball, Tennis, Polo, Gymnastics, Lacrosse, Jui Jitsu, Golf, Field Hockey, Academic Bowl, Yoga, Volunteering

Student Activities I want to do


  • I like to help the community
Cycle and Triathlon:

  • This is a relaxing workout to me


  • I like to stay flexible and in shape
Jui Jitsu:

  • I love martial arts

Health Care Majors

Biology, Biophysics, Chemistry, Dentistry, Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology, Physics, Physics(Applied), Veterinary Medicine, Psychology, Human Health, Environmental Sciences, Medicine( Pre-Health), Nursing, Nutrition Science, Physics for Life Sciences, Physics and Astronomy, Psychology and Linguistics, Sociology

My Major

I am most interested in Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology because I am very interested in the brain and Psychology. This is a BS degree. After obtaining this degree I will be going to medical school to become a doctor and figure out what type of doctor I want to be. I am leaning toward general/trauma surgery, cardiothoracic surgery, neurosurgery, or pediatric/maternal fetal surgery.
  • No Secondary Application
  • 47 current students
  • Students Accepted Yearly
  • Main Campus
  • Requirements:
1 semester of QTM

1 year of Chemistry w/ lab

1 year of Introductory Biology w/lab

1 semester of Calculus

PreMed Classes

18 NBB courses (60 hours)

  • Required NBB courses:
Foundations of Behavior:

I will learn about evolutionary mechanisms, adaptation, phylogenetic constraints, neural and neuroendocrine mechanisms of behavior, life history theory, developmental programs, principles of allometry, sexual selection and alternative reproductive strategies and more.

Introduction to Neurobiology:

The first part of this course will focus on the electrophysiological properties of neurons, a crucial first step for understanding brain function. I will learn the generation and propagation of action potentials, neurotransmitter release, and how ion channels and receptors determine the membrane potential and ultimately whether or not the action potential is passed to the next neuron and more.

Behavioral Neuroscience:

I will learn to present an integrated coverage of work at the intersection of animal behavior, evolution, and cellular/systems neuroscience. The course surveys the major areas of behavioral neuroscience.

Topics in Neuro and Behavior:

I will learn and use primary literature to examine current issues, trends, and controversies in the field of Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology.

Admission Requirements

1. Fill out the Common Application

2. Pay $75 Application fee

3. Send High School Transcripts

4. Send SAT/ACT scores

5. Counselor and 2 teacher recommendations

6. Send Mid-Year Report

  • GPA: 3.75
  • Average ACT: 30
  • Average SAT: 1930-2190
  • Students are accepted yearly and the Application deadline is January/March 1
Other requirements:
  • Interview
  • Essay

Personal Reflection

1. Emory University interests me because it is one of the most prestigious and cutting edge medical research institutions in the US. It also offers an immerse range of opportunities for Pre-Med students which include internships or research opportunities with the CDC. Emory also interests me in its diverse student body and beautiful campus. The university has many study abroad programs the encompass incredible medical research opportunities that will look good on a medical school application. Lastly, Emory has an amazing reputation with employers and institutes around the world which will offer a solid foundation to graduating students entering the workforce.

2. Some obstacles that could possibly make it difficult for me to attend Emory relate to finances, current GPA, writing an amazing essay, and the college interview. I think that my GPA of 3.7(freshman and sophomore) will hinder me from getting into Emory because the average GPA is 3.75. This worries me because I don't know how much it will affect my application. I think that the tuition and cost of living at Emory might be obstacles for me because it is extremely high. Also, the whole scholarship process is confusing and not as explained.

3. After doing all of this research, I am extremely more interested in attending Emory University. I am more interested in going to Emory because of all of the available learning opportunities like internships, study abroad trips, available majors, and more. I am also more interested in going to Emory because of their various and multiple offers of financial aid which settles my mind a little on the high tuition. I am glad that I know all of the educational requirements to get into Emory in high school so I can meet them. This research project benefited because it gave me more information on Emory which overall makes me want to go even more.