Nuclear Arms Race

By: John Ta

Who was it?

The United States and USSR had a race to see who could make more nuclear weapons.

What was it?

After WWII when the United States dropped the atomic bomb, the USSR wanted to start making nuclear weapons. The United States and USSR would stockpile their nuclear weapons and see who would have more nuclear power. The nuclear arms race started right after the United States had dropped the atomic bomb in Japan.

When was it?

The nuclear arms race had started in 1949 when the United States had found out that the USSR have nuclear capability. In 1953, the USSR had announced that they were testing their hydrogen bomb. Before testing the bomb, they warned all civilians to leave their home for 18 months. When they dropped the bomb, it was so bright that it turned night into day.

Why was there a nuclear arms race?

There was a nuclear arms race because the United States didn't think that the USSR could make nuclear weapons until late 1950's. They were proved wrong and both the United States and USSR had started stockpiling up their nuclear weapons. Both the United States and USSR had enough deadly weapons to destroy the world.