By Derek Boykins

What is groundwater?

Groundwater is water stored below the earths surface. The process for groundwater is inlitration.


two types of aquifers unconfined and unconfined. confined aquifers are not on the surface. Unconfined aquifers are still under the surface but still has parts on the surface.

porosity vs permeability

porosity and permeability are ways to measure to measure how much space between rocks the more space the easier it is for water to get through . a lot of porosity can hold more water so those types of materials are better for ground water.

water cycle

water cycle is how water goes around the earth. it evaporates when it gets heated by the sun. when its too much water it comes down as precipitation. when the ground cant handle anymore water it stays on the surface and it becomes runoff and it goes to the nearest water source as runoff
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rock or sediment that water cant go through. it can separate different auqifers and other things like other particals

ground water depletion can cause


excessive water pumping

USA pollution

over 50% of the us depends on groundwater for drinking water. groundwater is also one of our most important sources of water for irrigation. unfortunately groundwater is susceptible to pollutants.
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