touch screens

touch screens are basically a thing that lets you do it with your fingers e.g. zoom in or show the directions with your fingers telling basically means that if you swipe the the screen to the side then the screen will come along with it.the first touch screen maker was steve jobs who made i phone 3g.  


the monitor is basicaly the displays that the videos and graphics information generated by the computer through the video card.

optical drives

optical drives are like DVD player but it is actual a blu - ray that can be in your pc and you can watch blu ray and normal cds and the laser gets data from the cd.normal DVD plyers have different types.

input/output devices

output means that it is the object e.g. book. the input is basically the information in the cpu that gets it all fromm the internet

computer hard drive

hardrives are very usefull because the more gigabytes or tera bytes you have, the better it is for your system to be very fast and easy.if your computer is loaded with pictures or other stuff then your pc or computer will be slow and then your whole system will be slow and then you can not really do any thing.basically external means it is seperate and internal means that it is in your computer or your pc.