Study Skills

Week 3


Maybe you're the kind of student who procrastinates and writes his papers in the three hours before class starts. Or maybe you study for hours and hours but it just doesn't pay off on the test. Or maybe you're a Hermione Granger kind of kid, with straights As, extra long essays, and bushy brown hair.

Improving your study skills can do more than improve your grades. It can help you work more efficiently and save you from sleepless nights and panic attacks. It can make school easier, and even a little tiny bit fun.

Be Strategic

Now you might be thinking: Does this mean I have to do more school work, just to learn how to do school work? Yeahhh. But I've got some activities lined up that are actually going to help you with work you've already got. How about a customizable weekly schedule on your computer? Or maybe some tips on reading faster? Or the chance to deliver one of history's greatest speeches? Okay, that last one might not be strictly necessary to your school work, but we think you'll like imagining yourself as MLK the Third. So, fellow studiers of subjects, let's figure out how to take a little of the mystery out of school. To the study skills!

For Your Viewing Pleasure...A Short Film

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