Lv Technolegy presentation

By Koltin Joski

Typing web

Typing web

*You have to have at least intermediate done by the end of the semester.
*there is eleven lessons in each course.

*you get five minutes in each typing class to do the lessons.

I Trailer

*This is a fun activity but you cant use images of the internet.

* You get to create your own trailer on anything you want as long as it isn't violent.

*You get graded on the quality of your work and that students cant get there eyes of it.

Haiku deck

*This is a harder activity you need at least ten slides to get a 3 and there is no four for the haiku deck.

*The haiku deck has to be based on your dream job.

*You don't have to have that much whiting on one slide.

Explain everything

*You can choose one of ten math problems.

* Then you solve it in a video but you do not present this one you send it to Mrs.Myers.

* It is an very easy project that you can do in a short amount of time.

Carrier locker

This is by far the hardest project in tech you have to find what collage you are going to do.

You have to find out how much money you will earn per year. Also you will have to find out how much money to get the books you need and a campus room how much it will cost to stay in collage as many years you want. And how much competition you have for the job.
mrs.vandanbogard will help you if you get confused


*In this unit you get to program your own NPCS to do the missions you assigned.
*You have to have a certain number of coding areas done by the end of the unit.

*This is a fairly easy unit to do.