By: Lidia Parchuk

The Start

During 1590 to 1720 people would wear dotted pattern shoes. European women would wear black fabric with painted dots on shoes. This was to show beauty and happiness. Polka dots took place during the French Revolution. Kings, queens and nobles would wear the dotted shoes to balls. During 1950s people decided to start wearing polka dots with formal wear, like skirts, dresses, and more.

Connection to the shoes

The reason I picked these shoes is because it's based on what I would do in my life. Like for one example, when me and my family go to myrtle beach and walk on the streets to go shopping. Another is when we take pictures at restaurants, malls, gardens and other places. It shows two of my personalities, happy and cheerful.

Day in the life of......

One person I can think of wearing polka dots is Taylor Swift. Taylor would wear polka dots with mostly shoes and dresses. Taylor swift is one of a famous country and pop singer. She won seven-time Grammy award. In one of her song video "Wildest Dreams" she was wearing a 90s or 80s polka doted dress. She inspires people in her songs to do things different in life. Most of Taylor's shoes have polka dots like "Women's Talyor Swift Champion Sneaker". If Talyor swift got to be a day in one of her shoes I think she would get to see how she use to play and why she started playing. She might learn things that she didn't notice before about her music.