Tour of Africa

Visite these four phisycal Fheatures

Sahara desert

You should go to the Sahara Desert because if you do go you will be able to see 3,500,000 square miles of desert. Also, you go to the sahara desert because you will see most of africa most famous place Egypt. Finally, you will be able to start at the Atlantic Oceans or Red Sea and end at either of those places it depends on where start.
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Atlas Mountains

You should go to the Atlas Mountains because you will be able to see the beautiful lands of southwest morocco, algeria,and north Tunisia which make 1,500 miles.There are lots of mountains there the most rugged is in morocco where the highest mountain ranges are found. You can also find lots of minerals like phosphates,coal,iron and oil.

Great Rift Valley

The lowest elevation is in the Dead sea which is 1,300 feet below to the highest elevation, 6,000 feet above sea level which is in southern Kenya. The Great Rift is a fault system that is really beautiful. There are cliffs that are several thousand feet high which would be cool to see.


It's in the Indian off the coast of Mozambique Channel. It is also known as the fourth biggest island in the world. It is has highland plateau.The economy is overwhelmingly agricultural.
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