Smoky Killer

Affects Appearance

Tobacco can affect your appearance in many ways. One is that “tobacco can affect people’s appearance by changing their skin, body shape, and weight”. (pg.16) another reason how tobacco can affect you is tobacco has nicotine which is highly addictive. Last about how tobacco can affect you is that tobacco affects the way the person looks and feels.

Expensive Habbit

Expensive habit is that in the United States tobacco taxes generate billions of dollars each year. Another reason is that “taking the United States-as an example was the price of cigarettes in 2000 was about $2.50.” Last reason why tobacco is an expensive habit is that “over twenty years the smoker will have spent $18,250, without allowing for future increases in price.”

Health Problems, Eventually Death

Tobacco can also cause health problems eventually death. One reason how tobacco can cause health problems and death is that “most people die from one of the three main diseases linked to smoking, lung cancer, chronic lung disease such as bronchitis and emphysema and heart diseases.” Another reason is that ‘for many people the only way to stop smoking is to die from it.”(pg.18) last about how tobacco can cause health problems and eventually death is that smoking can hurt your lungs in many ways.