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June 25, 2021

Principal's Message

Dear John Muir Outdoor School Families,

We did it! Together we closed out one of the most unique years of school in history. I know that I have said this many times but I am incredibly grateful to the entire John Muir Outdoor School community for the partnership we've all shared through the many challenges, changes, and celebrations of the past year. As I look to the year ahead, I am filled with excitement and energy. There are so many good things on the horizon!

To our eighth grade students and families who have now left us and moved on to their next adventure, you will be forever missed and remembered. To our new families who are joining our community in the coming year, we can't wait to get to know you. To our families who remain, we're excited to get opportunities to come together once again and continue to build our school community.

Next week I will attend a four-day intensive training called Coaching for Educational Equity (CFEE). Then, I will be taking some time in July to spend time in nature, enjoy my family, rest, renew, and reset. I hope that you all get the opportunity to have some time to do the same this summer! I will return to school on August 2nd ready to make it happen in advance of the first day of school on Monday, August 30th.

Happy summer!

With gratitude and warmth,

Jennifer Parks


Hike-a-Thon Update

Final Total: 2,694 miles

A huge shout out to Elizabeth Galicia and the JMOS PTC for organizing our incredible Hike-a-Thon! Elizabeth collected donations from local businesses for weekly raffle prizes and regularly reported miles so that they could be shared. She kept the energy and enthusiasm alive and as a result, students and families hiked- a ton. Thank you, Elizabeth!

Facilities Name Review Committee to Present Recommendations to School Board

On Monday, June 28th the Facilities Name Review Committee will present their recommendations to the ASD School Board. This committee has been working to research and assess the people for whom our buildings and grounds are named, including John Muir Outdoor School. For more information about the work session, click here.

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Zoey's Giftcards from the JMOS PTC

Thanks to our Parent Teacher Collective for giving each of our students a giftcard for a sweet treat from Zoey's this summer. Giftcards went home with students the last day of school. The PTC just wanted to congratulate each student on all their effort the past year. Thank you, PTC!

Zaire's Art Auction

On the evening of graduation, Zaire handed me an envelope filled with $450. Her Capstone Art Auction was a huge success in showcasing student art, bringing our community together, and raising money for our school. Zaire has asked that the funds be used to provide art opportunities for our students next year. We can't wait to do just that!

Spring Snowball Fight!

Did you happen to hear about the marshmallow "snowballs" that have been flying around our campus? In an effort to have some extra fun in the final weeks of school, we had a little friendly competition. Here were the rules:

1) No "snow" can be thrown inside a classroom.

2) You cannot tell ANYONE who got you out.

3) You must be at least 6' away from your target before throwing your snowball. (We are, after all, still in a pandemic.)

4) If the person catches your snowball, YOU are out.

5) If you miss the person (or the “snow” is deflected by them somehow), nothing happens except that they now know you're after them-- and they'll never trust you again!

6) If someone gets you out, please report it to me so that I can assign them a new target.

I'm proud to announce the Snowball Champ is David Wasserman!

Poetry and Popsicles

On our last Thursday together, we came together on the Lincoln lawn to share poetry and popsicles. Each group was distanced but still able to share the words that they had chosen and memorized. I sat in a group where a kinder students shared a poem about kittens and a seventh grader had fully memorized Jabberwocky. It was an amazing juxtaposition and a beautiful example of the power of a K-8 community!

Fundraising Success and Community Building

Ashland Natural Medicine's June First Friday event was a huge success! Samae and Chris Chlebowski organized an amazing event that benefited their daughters school to be! There was an area set up with JMOS student art and outside there was music by Isy Nicholson and Zoomed Out!, the 7th grade math band. The evening raised over $650 for our school with the musicians even donating all their well earned tips! In honor of the commitment to music, we wanted the funds to go to adding instruments. Sage Meadows knew just the thing and now we have violins! Can't wait to see them put to use in the years to come. So much gratitude!

Field Day Fun

We weren't able to go to Garfield Park for our Last Day of School festivities but I'm not sure anyone even noticed! We had a blast!

5th—8th grade stations included:

Fastest Tagger in the West (with wet sponge balls)

Play Structure Time/Blacktop Options

Hose Limbo/Water Play

Kindergarten—4th grade stations included:

Cooperative Sponge Relay Race

Play Structure Time/Blacktop Options

Hose Limbo/Water Play time + Sidewalk Chalk and Bubble Play Station.

Device Return: A Message from our Tech Department

The year is almost over and it is nearly time to collect all loaned technology and the power cord (including district laptops, iPads, and hotspots). After a year of hard work, we need to refresh the devices by performing maintenance and updates so they are ready for use this coming fall. To make sure this happens, please return all technology immediately!

Does your student plan to attend summer school? We still need your currently issued technology returned! Summer school teachers will make sure students have access to all necessary tools this summer, including technology if needed. Is your student’s loaned device a little worse for wear? Maybe it’s missing a keyboard key or has a cracked screen? We still need damaged devices returned so we can perform repairs.

You are also welcome to return devices directly to the AHS IVC Center. See below for details.

AHS IVC Center Technology Return Schedule

All established return windows have passed. Please contact the Tech Department to arrange your return.

If you have questions or are unable to return the technology at any of the listed times, email or call 541-201-2600 to make other arrangements.

Thanks in advance and CONGRATULATIONS on making it through to the end of the school year!

Ashland School District IT Department

JMOS Bond Update

The hallway roofs are now demolished and will be raised up to fit all of the new ductwork, water lines, electrical, and fire suppression system. Completion: Summer, 2022

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Upcoming Important Dates and Events

Monday, 8/30: First Day Back to School (K-8)

Wednesday, 9/1: Early Release at 1:30pm

Monday, 9/6: No School (Labor Day)

Next year: School will return to our 8:20-2:50 schedule and Outdoor Ed will return to Fridays.

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