C.A.U.S.E. Camp! 8/4-8/8/14

Contributors: Misael, David, Bryan, Myra, Gustavo & Miss B.

What's happening at C.A.U.S.E Camp ??

A lot of fun things have been happening at C.A.U.S.E. Camp.

The other week, as a whole camp, we viewed two episodes of Los Jets. Los Jets is a documentary tv show that is currently airing now. We had the privileged of two of JMHS soccer teammates from Los Jets come and talk with our campers.

Our older campers took a field trip to the Federal Courthouse in Greensboro, NC. We had the privileged in meeting with Honorable William Olsteen. He talked about his career and experience as a judge in North Carolina. We also had an opportunity to be able to talk with a U.S. Marshall and he talked about his job as well.

We have been having a lovely time going to the pool each week as well!

Our younger campers took a trip to the grocery store to learn about healthy choices you can make while shopping as well as nutrition and how a store operates.

Monday - 8/4: Viewing of Los Jets Episode 3 and visit from Coach Paul Cuadros & players

Tuesday- 8/5: Girl Scouts

Wednesday- 8/6: pool, Brownies, Juniors, Girl Scouts

Thursday- 8/7: Field Day , Closing ceremonies @1 pm, Parents are welcome!
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Cool Website to Check out...

If you are into making music and beats, check out www.incredibox.com. There are 3 versions and they are all different types of music! So, If you want to be a music engineer, then this is a great way to start! - Bryan V.
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Book Review: Wonder by R.J. Palacio

August is a boy who is about to start Beecher Prep, but he is nervous. August has a facial deformity and is about to embark on an experience that he will never forget. He has never been in a mainstream school before since being home-schooled all of his life and having not been able to go to school with his many surgeries. The students of Beecher Prep will deal with this extraordinary boy and learn how to cope and accept this boy as he is and not what he looks like. It is a wonderful story and it is a book that stays in your heart forever.-David