Reavis Review #18

February 7, 2016

SQRP Goal: Level 1+ Attendance Goal: 95%

This Week at Reavis

2/8/16 - Lessons Plans Due ~ School Spirit Day - Remember to wear your blue!!!

2/9/16 - Middle School Incentive Field Trip ~ PAC Meeting @ 9 ~ LSC Meeting @ 4:30

2/10/16 - Chat and Chew @ 9:00

2/12/16 - Sixth Grade Field Trip ~ Teacher Team Meetings- Please come prepared with your goal setting document completed. I will email you a copy just in case you have misplaced it or did not have a chance to complete it. Also, bring your laptop or your iPad to the meeting.

2/15/16 - President's Day No Classes

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Great Job Friday with completing the School Excellence Framework for the 2017 - 2019 CIWP. The team stayed focus and took the work seriously. I know we have a long way to go but we are headed in the right direction. We must all work together to achieve our goals and to ensure that every student at Reavis receives high quality, rigorous instruction on a daily basis.

Thanks Ms. Kim for leading us in a review of the 5Essential Survey expectations using Kahoot. It was fun and informative.

Please Submit Your Pictures. I'd Love to Showcase Your Great Work in the Reavis Review!


Quarter Three started on Friday, February 5, 2016. Make sure you format your Gradebook with the appropriate categories and weights:

Primary: Homework: 5%, Classwork: 55%, Tests and Quizzes: 40%

Intermediate: Homework: 5%, Classwork: 50%, Tests: 30%, Quizzes: 15%

Upper: Homework: 5%, Classwork: 40%, Assessments: 55%

If you need assistance with setting up your categories and weights please see our data strategists, Jane Kim and Parveen Patel.


As you know, attendance is 20% of the School Quality Rating Performance(SQRP) that determines the level of Reavis. The CPS goal is 95% and Reavis's goal is 96%. Please make sure you are accurately reporting attendance on a daily basis and that your attendance is submitted by 9:30. If students come in tardy before 9:30 please update the attendance. If they come in tardy after 9:30, please send a note to the office so Ms. Hampton can update the attendance. Ms. Hampton informed me that she sees students daily who have been reported absent. We cannot afford those kinds of mistakes. Let's work together to ensure that our attendance is accurate.

Emergency Lesson Plans

After several reminders and deadlines, etc., several teachers still have not their emergency lesson plans(Remember, they must be stored in the main office). This is your professional responsibility and failure to submit the plans will result in a written disciplinary notice. Continued refusal to submit the required lesson plans will result in dismissal. If you have not submitted your plans you MUST do so by the end of the day tomorrow, February 8, 2016. I will create written disciplinary notices on Tuesday, Feb. 9, 2016.