All About New Zealand

By Olivia Cotton

Intro to New Zealand

New Zealand, or as the locals sometimes call it, "Kiwi", is a very interesting place to learn about. For a little background info, New Zealand was first discovered by the Maori's about 700 years ago, and over the years it has become known as a laid back country, with their main priorities on a good education and great health for years to come. New Zealand has become a great vacation spot, or permanent living destination for many years, and is just getting better.
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New Zealand- Vacation Positives & Negatives

Natives of New Zealand are known as being very friendly and welcoming. Actually, it is encouraged that when visiting a country or culture that is different from your own, that you should find a local to help you around and inform you on the do's and do not's of the land. (Just one thing to know if you ever decide to visit, don't except things to be as high maintenance as it is here in the US. Most of the highways travel a lot slower than the ones here!) To continue off of that thought, if you are considering visiting New Zealand, makes sure to take a look around at the beautiful scenery. They have plenty of mountains and water views! Plus, the weather is great because of it's location!

New Zealand- History

For many generations, the Maori have been a huge influence on New Zealand culture. For example, the "kumara" or "sweet potato" was one of the things introduced with this new culture. The Maori also brought along the wonderful art of wood carving. This art has been a huge part of New Zealand, and carvings can be found all over. Along with sweet potatoes and wood carvings, the Maori brought I new style of dress to the land, this includes a whole bunch of different styles of clothing and facial tattoos.

But as the years went on, Maori people were not the only people to settle in New Zealand. Over the years, people brought different religions(Christianity), and languages(English, and a form of sign language). Since new improvements were being made, lots of other things changed. They got a flag, anthem, and new buildings. (One iconic building in New Zealand is the Sky Tower.) There became more people living in the cities and more people working in offices and large buildings. Overall, the country became more industrial then before.

Did You Know?

Did you know that New Zealand's most popular sport is rugby?
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New Zealand- Present

New Zealand has become a vacation destination and a world treasure. Even though it has changed over the years, it has still stuck to it's roots. 1. Love your family. 2. Have an as equal state of being as possible. 3. Pass on all learning's in life that you think we benefit the other person. And 4. Respect. New Zealand is truly one of those places that you can just have a great time, and just enjoy life.
New Zealand - Fun Facts

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