Why you should raise Boer!

Goats are the Future

Benefits of raising goats

Goats are a multipurpose animal producing, milk, hide, meat, fiber, and manure

Goat milk can be drank by people who are lactose intolerant

Goat cheese is becoming very popular in the US

Goats are cheaper to maintain

Goat meat has no religious taboo

Goat meat has less fat

If you'd like to turn a profit raising livestock, consider Boer goats.

Sixty three to sixty five percent of the red meat consumed globally is actually goat meat!

It's a new wide open market and MANY more producers are needed.

Goats flourish on land that would starve a horse or cow.

Goats housing is extremely simple, all they need is to, stay dry and out of the wind.

More than one market to sell meat to.

The real question is why not raise goats?

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Benefits of the Boer breed

Low maintenance breed

Eat weeds, brush, and tough grasses

Bigger than most breeds

Naturally disease resistant

Early to mature

Very docile breed

High fertility rates

Fast growth rates

Boer does are amazing mothers

High butterfat milk

Low mortality rate

Reach butcher weight and reproductive age in around five to six months

Some Boer even go to shows