Real Estate Investment Baton Rouge

Small Real Estate Portfolio For Sale in Baton Rouge, LA

322 Mary Street

Two bed 1 Bath

Block House construction.

800 Square feet

Renter takes care of yard.

Occupied, 16 months same tenant

Insurance: $682

Taxes: $291.00


160 Tyler St

160 Tyler Street

Three bed, 1 bath

Wood construction with Aluminum siding

1400 square feet



Same tenants since 2008.

Adjacent house has undergone a significant investment.

3-4 lots adjacent on other side are empty and adjoin Highland Rd

Insurance $692

Taxes: $431.00

1149 Ave B, Port Allen

3 bed 2 bath

1500 sq ft



Net rent $360 ( has been as high as $600)

Working on contract for lease to own by tenant.

2041 and 2043 Arizona St


At the end of Arizona Street, one block off Highland between downtown and LSU.

Each side of the duplex is 600 sq ft.

Two bed, one bath each

Front $450/month

Back is $450/month

Both Occupied

2041 has been occupied by the same tenant for 6 years. Current tenant of 2041 has been in place for 3 months.

Insurance: $679.79

Taxes: $680.00

Baton Rouge and LSU Real Estate Development Best Cash Offer! Asking Price package $152,000

Apex Properties of Baton Rouge

  • Do not vist with or disturb tenants in any manner.
  • Please contact us regarding the offering of these properties.
  • 1031 Exchange may be involved in some sales transactions-just FYI, nothing complicated.
  • Some finanacing may be available.
  • Call and leave message or email.