By- Abbie Lenton

What is the size of Venus? How does it compare to Earth?

The radius is of Venus is 3,760 miles. There is a 638 km difference between Venus and Earth.

What is the temperature on Venus?

The temperature on Venus is 864 degrees fahrenheit.

Does the planet have gravity like Earth?

The gravity on Venus is about 91% of the gravity on Earth.

What is the surface of the planet like?

The surface of Venus is rather smooth.

How long does it take Venus to orbit the sun?

It takes Venus about 224 days to orbit earth.

How long does it take for Venus to turn around?

It takes Venus 243 days to turn around once.

What is the weather like on Venus?

The atmosphere on Venus is almost completely made up of carbon dioxide. Also the clouds on Venus, opaque clouds, are made up of sulfuric acid.

Does Venus have any moons or rings?

Venus doesn't have any moons or rings, but there could have been a moon millions of years ago.

What is Venus composed of?

Venus is made up of an iron core and a rocky mantel.

How or when was Venus discovered?

No one know's how Venus was discovered. It has been around since prehistoric times and is the brightest planet.

How did Venus get it's name?

Roman's spotted the five brightest planets in the sky and decided to name them after the most important roman gods. Venus was named after the goddess of love and beauty.

Can Venus be viewed from Earth?

Venus' thin crescent phase can be discerned in good binoculars when it is in the nearer part of it's orbit to the Earth.

Some Interesting Facts About Venus

  • Venus is known as the morning star and the evening star.
  • Venus is the hottest planet in the solar system.
  • The Russians sent the first mission to Venus