Until next time...

See ya later doesn't mean good bye and it never will.

Seeing Her Off and Wishing Her Fun In Kentucky...

A few of us wanted to do something special for Marie so here's some information about seeing Marie off to a great new start in Kentucky! Wanting to have a fun, happy, and carefree night together I invite you to a see ya later/until next time and surprise party for our so loved Marie Bowen!
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Come and join us for a get together and a surprise party for Marie! It's going to be great! Please if you can help, chip in on any snacks you could bring!

Last names...

A-H: sweet snacks/ desserts

I-R: salty snacks

S-Z: Drinks (sodas, tea, ect.)

Until we meet again... And a surprise party!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, Dec. 1st 2012 at 6:30pm

To be decided (and that date doesn't mean anything!)

It's going to be a surprise see ya later party for Marie! As some of you know she will be moving to Kentucky because her father was accepted into a senior pastoral position to a church in need of a pastor desperately. As a see you later gift we want to get her an iPad 2 for communication with all of us! If you want to help please talk to Tiffany Lim, she will be taking care of our money area. I know iPads are a lot but together we can totally do this even a 5 dollar contribution can make a difference. And the thing is we don't even have to hit 500 if we do awesome. But if we don't we can still give her the money that we raised! And If you can't don't stress! Please! More than the ipad we just want you to come and show Marie how much we truly love and care about her. We want you to still be able to come to the party! So try you're best. And more information on it soon once we get the details together. I know it will be in December so keep some dates open! Hope you can come and participate! This is going to be a happy fun time with a friend I know we all love!
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