Summer Of Colorado

The Mountains

What Type Of Science

These pictures represent earth science. These pictures represent earth science because they are from and formed on the earth. These pictures were taken in different places in Colorado. Two are mountains and one is has trees in front and a mountain in the background.

The Most Interesting Part Of My Trip

The most interesting part of my visit was seeing all the mountains. It was very interesting to see all of the mountains and wild animals. I was able to see lots of moose and wild cows. It was really cool to see some horned sheep too. I really liked seeing all that nature that I don't usually here.

Three Things About Me

I am auditorial and I like to use audio books and write hand written notes. I like to ride horses and I ride English and I don't show. I play several different instruments. The instruments I play are flute, piano, and tener sax and I would like to learn to play more instruments.