We Are Dexter Park

Every Child. Every Day.

Dexter Park Core Values

We believe that all students can learn

We believe that all students should feel:

  • safe
  • welcome
  • respected
  • successful
Staff Update

Dexter Park is Getting Innovative

Here is some of the latest:

-Members of the Planning Team will be going on a site visit to Bernardston Elementary School on March 24th. The purpose will be to observe and to meet with leaders and staff who are doing this work in their schools.

-A working group is finalizing the placement card template so that they can be completed prior to placement meetings during the week of March 28th. Interventionists will be attending an upcoming PLC to look over and assist with completion.

-Do you have questions you would like answered or have considered by the Planning Team? Post them anonymously on the Padlet here: http://padlet.com/angelaworden_corey/xtfryxsd9cqm (be sure you are not logged into your Padlet account when posting)

-The Google Slide presentation will give you up to date information as the process unfolds. It will also answer any questions that have been posted on the Padlet. Click here to view: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1zBHSpUut_afOyEWk3WJ8GMyg2NyHnBIfEWmmNjlOR5c/edit?usp=sharing

Positive Post-It Day is Coming!

Positive Post-it Day

Upcoming Dates

March 19th: EdcampNQ (SOLD OUT!)

March 24th: Site visit to Bernardston Elementary School

March 28th-April 1st: Placement meetings (schedule to be released)

March 29th: Positive Post-It Day (information coming soon)

April 4th: All-school assemblies (grades 3 and 5 @ 9:00/grades 4 and 6 @ 9:30)

April 5th: Austism Awareness Day (staff wear blue)/Family Math Night @ Dexter Park

April 6th and 7th: Learning Walks

April 14th-15th: Parent-Teacher Conferences (11:30 release)

April 18th-22nd: Spring Break

Quotes of the Week

“We must embolden girls to master skills that at first appear difficult, even dangerous.”

Caroline Paul

“Ours has become a quantitative century, and we must master its languages. Decimals and ratios are now as crucial as nouns and verbs.” Andrew Hacker

“The research is overwhelmingly against retention, but facts are merely an annoyance to those with strongly held opinions.” Rick DuFour and Douglas Reeves

“Educators rename their traditional faculty or department meetings as PLC meetings, engage in book studies that result in no action, or devote collaborative time to topics that have no effect on student achievement – all in the name of the PLC process.” Rick DuFour and Douglas Reeves

“The absence of misbehavior doesn’t mean the presence of high levels of learning.”

Stacy Birdsell O’Toole

“Students cannot just ‘track’ the teacher, follow every direction, and repeat right answers in choral back-and-forths; they also need to learn to track arguments, pay attention to their work, and evaluate evidence in order to agree or disagree respectfully. And they need to have ample opportunities to make mistakes, both behavioral and academic, no matter how uncomfortable that makes their teachers.” Elizabeth Green