Foster To Forever!

Gypsey's Looking For A Place To Settle....

Foster Family Summary: "A Great Dog!"

There is nothing like adopting a dog that has been in a foster home. It's the difference between shopping for an item with 100 reviews and ...well...none! Fosters evaluate dogs in a home environment. They observe hundreds of real life interactions, help correct behavior, know an animal's likes and dislikes and ultimately set them up for the best home match in which everyone can be happy with the decision. The "Cliff Notes" on Gypsey:

  • Active
  • Playful
  • Kid Friendly
  • Sweet
  • Good with most dogs
  • Unknown with cats

Gypsey has been in her foster home for two months now and her foster family have done a great job with her. She is a great, loving dog who does wonderfully with young chidren (7 and 1) and a small dog in the home.

She is an active dog who goes on runs, enjoys the dog park and lots of active play. She will do well in a home with a family that will exercise her regularly. A fenced yard would be ideal for active playtime (balls, sticks, frisbees - this girl is playful!) and to make sure her Gypsey soul doesn't go wandering -something she may do if not properly secured. (Here's where that foster knowledge pays dividends!).

Gypsey is a sweet dog who is fully housebroken (0 accidents) and is left uncrated but does fine in a crate too. She loves and needs a few good chew toys to keep her busy. While she's active and needs outdoor time, she also loves to sleep and is a loyal friend who enjoys her morning cuddles.

Gypsey has a mild disability. She is blind in one eye and has a blocked nasal passage on one side. Her disability does not slow her down at all. When she snoozes she snores a bit....but how cute is that?

Gypsey does fine around most other dogs but does like to be in charge and is very confident so may do well as an only dog OR needs a slow intro to a doggy sibling to ensure they are a good match. She's lived with one smaller dog and does well at the dog park. She can been a little dog picky on occasion, so it's just something to watch for. (Again - score for the foster insights!)

Wow - what a detailed evaluation of this great Clay County Animal Control foster pup! I only wish all my rescued pets had come with this amount of background. Gypsey is going to make a great choice for her perfect family!

Contact her foster to set up a meet and greet and hear more!

Andres Certo: Ph 207-841-3624 or