Grade Quick Reminders

End of 2nd Quarter Grades

2nd Quarter / 1st Semester Grades

Grades will be frozen at 8 a.m. on December 18. That is next Friday! Verification sheets will go out that morning.

Please note:

  • The purpose of the verification sheets is to catch any technical errors that may occur in the transfer of grades from Grade Quick to our student information system that generates the report cards. ​You help us in catching those glitches that occur from time to time--thank you!
  • The purpose of the Grade Quick Grade Change form is for those mistakes that may come to light after report cards go out. When it cannot be helped, the form may be used to turn in a grade for a student(s) who were absent the week of exams.
  • The Grade Quick Grade Change form is not for the hopeless procrastinator to have even more time to do makeup work that should have been turned in days, weeks or months ago.

Please spend some time in your gradebooks to make sure:

  • that all makeup work has been entered . . . you should be asking for any makeup work now so that you have time to grade it before next Friday!
  • that each student’s 2nd Quarter Grade is NOT over 100 (if a student has over 100, you need to do an override in the 2nd quarter column),
  • that all grades in your gradebook (for any homework, tests, quiz, etc.) have been entered correctly and the 2nd Quarter Average is correct,
  • that you have entered conduct grades in the PC column for all classes you teach.

9-12 Teachers only:

  • You will be asked to verify that the semester average is correct, so get out the calculators and check a few please.
  • You cannot alter or override the semester average.

Can we post grades to Edline?

The answer is YES! You are welcome to post your grades to Edline after exams.

Don't forget to use your footnotes with any of the homework or test grades where necessary. The footnotes are helpful in documenting "late work," "incomplete work," "no attempt," etc. This may save a phone call or visit from parents trying to understand a grade.

Please note--When we pull your grades for report cards, we are pulling the grades directly from your Grade Quick gradebooks. We are NOT pulling from what you post to Edline. Don't stress--whether or not you post to Edline does not affect us pulling grades for report cards.

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