comparing two countrys

Portrugal and Indiginous Australia

Traditional foods

As Portugal is on the most Southern part of Spain their food mainly consists of seafood like fish, they also have great spots on the coastline for growing vegetables so they also have a lot of soups and very nice deserts.

The Aboriginals ate A wide range of plants and animals were eaten, and insect foods included certain ants, grubs and beetles, while streams provided fish and eels

Traditional sports

In Portugal soccer as we call it is a well loved sport they ranked second in the world in the 2006 world cup but like the rest of Europe they call it football, the reason they only have 1 major sport is because they dont have much else to live for as the schooling isn't great and jobs dont pay very much so most kids get a cheap soccer ball and the whole street plays on the road for fun.

Aboriginals didn't have competative games they could get out but rejoin at anytime there names were Battendi, Brambahl, Boogalah and Budderah.

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as you can see Portugal the red part is on the most south east part of Spain.