What is Sustainability?

The Explanation


There are many forms of pollution, however the most talked about and discussed is air pollution. Whether it is from industrial factories or the exceeding number of fossil fuels used, air pollution is a major problem globally. It relates to biodiversity in the sense that with an increase in pollution, animals have a harder time in surviving and populate their own species as they become endangered. Other types of pollution include soil pollution which is a major problem in LDCs or (Less developed countries). Plastic unfortunately does not decompose and ruins the soil, making it harder for those who rely on agriculture for a source of income and life. Also with just terrible soil, again plants, part of biodiversity, will most likely not prosper. In addition, water pollution is another issue in which fossil fuels have also played its role in the increase. Regarding the oil spil, which can relate to water pollution, many animals were tremendously affected and political leaders had to spend money in order to clean up areas that were affected by the spill. Litter can also lead to water pollution and can therefore harm marine life.

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As the years progressed, people have become more interested in alternative sources of energy especially when it comes to modes of transportation. Electric energy has become increasingly popular, in fact, on the Glogster, there is a picture of a charging station located at Walgreens in Coppell. Locally, businesses are promoting the use of alternative energy knowing that it is a greener way to live. With gas prices increasing, and with the state of the economy, purchasing hybrid cars is quite a logical and beneficial solution. Relying on fossil fuels, as mentioned before, can damage biodiversity, lead to air pollution, and damage the ozone layer. Solar energy, a quite expensive form of energy, have been used in many ways including traffic lights. In Coppell, you can see the panels on the top of the school zone lights especially. Also on the Glogster I mentioned the "economy" button found in many cars including the 2012 Honda Civic. The purpose of the economy button is to help drivers spend less money on gas.


Recycling has become the go-to when it comes to ways of becoming greener. The majority has taken initiative when it comes to recycling. Schools have recycle bins in every classroom and in the lunch rooms. Students since elementary school have learned about the benefits of recylcing and children from Town Center Elementary have truly taken major initiative when it comes to recycling. Trying to make there school sustainable, they have different recycle bins for different items: aluminum, paper, plastic, etc. Recycling has affected the world in a positive way in the sense that it helps us reuse resources instead of wasting them. Items like plastic bags can be recycled instead of thrown into the trash or littered which again can affect biodiversity. On a smaller scale, as cliche as it may sound, recycling helps save trees - part of biodiversity. We no longer have to cut down so many trees to create paper, but we can instead used recyclable material without hindering the numberr of trees on Earth.


Rain barrels are a great way of conserving resources such as water. At the Coppell Community Garden, for example, rain barrels are located to the right of the entrance where they collect rain water so it can be used for the garden plots instead of wasting water. Not only is it less expensive, but it also helps the plants, again part of biodiversity. Another form of conserving resources include contour farming which is also called terrace farming. In this sort of farming, in hilly areas, slopes are cut into steps which slows down the flow of water and prevents the loss of topsoil. Contouring reduces soil erosion and by reducing it, it increases water infiltration and better water quality. Afforestation also is a practice of conserving soil and forest by planting trees on a larger scale. Forests can be conserved by balancing planned cutting of trees and afforestation. All these forms conserving resources are all related in protecting biodiversity

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