Equations and Inequalities

By: Lindsey Magee

Theme: Sports

One Step Equation #1

Sally had money in her pocket. She spent 12.99 on two new basket balls. When she checked out she had 17.01 left. How much money did she start with.



She started with 30 dollars.

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One Step Equation #2

Sarah was playing basket ball with her friends. She scored 126 points. If each basket is 2 points, how many baskets did she score.



She scored 63 baskets.

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One Step Inequalities #1

Lock Wood elementary's school record for the most students on a soccer team was 26. This year there was a new record. There was 32 students on the soccer team. How many students joined the soccer team this year?

32 > 26+x

6 > x

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One Step Inequalities #2

Elizabeth and Olivia went swimming. Elizabeth swam 13 laps. Then Olivia swam at at least 104 laps. How many times did Olivia swim what Elizabeth swam?


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