All About Me

Noah Danner

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Hobbies and Activities

  • Cross Country
  • Wrestling
  • Track and Field

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School Subject Strengths/Values

  • Math
  • English
  • Honesty
  • Responsibility
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3 ways i'm smart

  • Body smart
  • Number/Logic smart
  • People smart

Learning Styles

General Learning style is tied at 36.4% Hearing and Reading

In math I learn by seeing the problem

My social learning style is with others

Personal Globe Inventory

Holland Code

  • Enterprising
  • Social
  • Convetional

Career Clusters

  • Business, Management, and Administration
  • Law, Public Safety, and Security
  • Marketing

Job Reasearch ( Physical Education Teacher)

Needs to take Physiology, Biology, Chemistry, and Public Speaking

They make 36,930 to 85,690 per year

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