March 21-25, 2016



2:45 - 4:00 Chess and Drama Club


Shelter Drill


3:05 - 4:10 Staff Meeting - STAAR security training & Bond Election


3:00 - 3:50 5th grade choir

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No School

Coming up:

The deadline for wish list submissions for PTA is April 25.

Voting date for Bond Election : May 7th

ESL Corner Tip #4

Top Five Tips for Supporting English Learners in a Reading Workshop

Focus on Content and Language Instruction: Balancing Both

When designing a lesson, both the content and language objectives are needed to engage a student. Use their prior or background knowledge to further develop their language learning.

Things we do: Make the content and language objectives explicit. Other suggestions: use modifying speech, use contextual clues, have multisensory experiences, use comprehensible input, frequent comprehension checks, and use developmentally appropriate lessons for English learners

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for consistently doing a great job on GNN!

Denise G

Denise has such a big job keeping it all million bits of behind-the-scenes minutia running smoothly for TELPAS, STAAR (and others, I am sure!)…and she does it without whining, complaining, or fainting!


All of third grade would like to thank Heather Cain for all her hard work and organizational skills on Read Across America Day.

She really worked hard to make Dr. Seuss day fun and special for everyone in third!

Sarah H

To Sarah’s 20,000 steps attained during Picture Day on Tuesday!

Denise G, again!

She goes above and beyond, always offering to help in any situation.


Mr. Taylor took the time on a very busy day to patiently teach and guide a new concept to a coworker.