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Google Classroom Expands Its Offering


Recently, Google Classroom has undergone what some would consider the biggest upgrade of the entire year. With Classroom, users with a personal GMail account can join a class. That means they do not have to have a G Suite for Education license to participate in a Classroom. This opens the doors so teachers can share the power of Google Classroom with several members outside a district's domain. There have been some posts about potential uses for this feature, but I have developed a few additional ideas.

PTA Connection

Imagine a situation where PTA members and parents had a direct connection. If a teacher needed to make a request for a classroom upgrade using PTA funds, a simple form could be filled out and submitted in Classroom to make that happen. Or, if the PTA president needed to ask for volunteers to work a school event or food donations for potlucks, imagine the ease of use and streamlined communication. Additionally, a quick reminder could be sent out through Classroom about an upcoming meeting or event.

Field Trip Coordination

Recently, all of the 6th grade students (and teachers) at my Intermediate School went on a Watershed Field Trip that was a required district field trip. There were several moving pieces and elaborate plans to make this work relatively smoothly. However, if all the corresponding teachers, in addition to the community members, had a Classroom set up, simple questions and information could have been shared extremely easily, making this even less of a headache for all of those involved in the planning.

Homeschool Connection

Every now and then, there are parents who decide to homeschool their children. An easy set up would be to have a Google Classroom set up, so the parent could be linked with a licensed teacher to provide suggestions and even some materials so that effective instruction could continue. Or, if the parent happens to already have the resources, the teacher could offer further discussion points or resources to the homeschooled child, all with the ease of Classroom.

Staff Sports Collaboration

In our district, we are lucky to have a district co-ed volleyball league. There are two divisions, the power and recreational division. Games are played each Wednesday evening and it's quite an enjoyable time for all involved. However, there are times when teams are short and unable to play. But, if a Classroom had been set up for the managers of each team, or even a team representative, communication could occur much easier. The master schedule could also be placed in the About section for easy reference. Finally, scores could be recorded immediately following a match, resulting in easier record-keeping for the league coordinator.

Other Uses

These are just a few that ideas that could easily be adapted at many different schools. There is also the possibility of music groups, clubs, and booster organizations could create a Google Classroom as their home base. If you're using Google Classroom for purposes other than your regular education classroom, pass that information along. I'd love to hear your thoughts and approval rating!

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