Rape Is a Vicious Act

She Didn't say yes

What is Rape

Rape is a act where the victim can either know the offender or they don't know. Rape is when you don't agree too have sexual intercourse with the other person. Rape is not about sex it's about the offender having power over someone.
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NO Means NO

There are many different kinds of rape such as...

Date rape is a form of rape.

The two are often used interchangeably but date rape is when there has been some sort of romantic or potentially between the both of them.

Acquaintance rape is when the victim and perpetrator have been co-workers or neighbours.

Random rape is when the victim and the perpetrator don't know each other at all. No matter what kind of rape rape is still rape.

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Rape Crisis Services-Schenectady

Address: 414 Union St, Schenectady, NY 12305

Phone:(518) 374-5353

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Different kinds of therapy

Some people may use therapy to help them get over rape and too talk about it. But it is often to receive professional help. Many therapies have been studied in rape treatment for decades. Some help may conclude one on one therapy or it may even be a group of people talking about what has been done to them and what they can do to get over it / prevent it . Some therapy may include exposures to memories or even the traumatic event. Rape victims are are asked too repeatedly too recount their rape as well as confront situations in real life that remind them of rape.
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No weapon needed

8 out of 10 cases of rape their is no weapon, nothing but physical force is used. No weapon or threats are needed for an act too be considered rape. Rape happens anytime that the person did not consent.