Nixon Elementary Weekly Update

February 8, 2021

Friendship Party Friday!

Happy Monday Nixon Families!

A few updates and reminders for the upcoming week:

In-Person Updates:

Masks: Even with the new updates from Governor Reynolds, we will still require masks to be worn at the school and on the school bus until further notice. Please remember to send your children with a clean mask every day. We do our best to keep our learners socially distanced and as close to 6 feet apart as possible, but the masks offer an added level of protection we will continue to use and enforce at school.

Car Riders: I just wanted to start by saying thank you for your continued patience as we work through drop off and pick up for our car riders. With the extra snow and already narrow road, things get pretty tight around Nixon during the winter months. Please remember to:

  • remind your children to enter and exit your car from the passenger side of the vehicle
  • post your name placard in the windshield of your vehicle during pick up
  • stay in your car and pull as far forward as you can before parking to let your child into the vehicle
  • do not double park to pick up or drop off learners
  • be aware that busses and daycare vans maneuver in the same small space
  • please be cautious of families walking across the parking lot and circle to load up their families.

    I appreciate everyone's support as we progress through these winter months!

Friendship Parties: For our in-person learners, we will still be holding our annual Friendship Parties on Friday February 12. In order to ensure we are keeping everyone safe, we are asking families who are choosing to bring in Valentine cards to send them on Monday February 8 so they can sit out before going home with children on Friday February 12. For more information, please contact your child's classroom teacher.

Remote Learners Update:

Materials: There are many families who have not been up to pick up their next set of learning materials from school. It is important you come get these items ASAP so your child will not miss out on their learning experiences. The office is open M-Th 7:45-4:00 pm.

All Nixon Learners:

Report Cards & FAST Reading Assessment: This year families will begin accessing their child's report card through Infinite Campus. What is great about online progress reporting is we can create less waste, and families can easily see how their children are progressing toward mastery of their grade level standards any time they like without having to rely on their child to bring the report card home. In addition, this will help our remote families since their children are not on campus to receive a hard copy.

While you are in Infinite Campus, you can also check in and see how your learners did on their midyear FAST reading assessment. The FAST Assessment is the reading screener learners take 3 times a year to determine whether or not they are on track to meet the end of the year benchmark in reading. Below you will find two videos explaining how to access your child's progress report, as well as their FAST Assessment information. Both go live today!

Accessing your child's report card

Checking on your child's FAST Reading Assessment scores

School Spring Pictures: Many of you have been wondering if we will be having school pictures this year. The answer is YES! Both our in-person and remote learners will have the opportunity to have their pictures taken on March 23. In-person learners will take their pictures with their classroom teachers, remote learners will come to Nixon to take their pictures between 11:30-1:30 and follow the protocol for safe social distancing and masking. Keep an eye out for more information on spring pictures in the upcoming weeks.

A Reminder About Attendance: Wednesday is the beginning of our second semester. I want to remind both in-person and remote families of the importance of attendance to school. We appreciate families helping their learners "get to school" both on site and online. Below is our attendance policy to help remind you about the expectations for attendance at school. Thank you for helping your children get to class on time and ready to learn.

  • 2-3 unexcused absences--a postcard is sent
  • 4-6 unexcused absences--a letter is mailed stating absences & attempts to contact an Attendance Success Plan will be created.
  • 7-9 unexcused absences--a second letter is mailed to follow up on the Attendance Success Plan.
  • 10+ unexcused absences--records from the school, as well as the Attendance Plan, are submitted to the District Hearing Officer and a hearing meeting is scheduled to encourage attendance.

Upcoming Events:

  • February 12: Friendship Parties (in-person learners)
  • February 24: Tornado Drill
  • March 10: Fire Drill
  • March 15-19: Spring Break

I hope you all have a wonderful week. As always, please reach out if you have any questions.

Jeni Goebel, Principal

Nixon Elementary

Fantastic February Fun!

Both staff and learners are having a blast this month as we enjoy our Fantastic February Fun activities. Last week we started with a fun Groundhog Day scavenger hunt around the building on Tuesday, a fun Make a Match activity on Wednesday for staff, and our high energy 9 @ 9 Trivia on Friday. Keep an eye out on our Facebook Page to catch all the fun (@CRNixon).

Emergency Drills at Nixon

As we start this second semester, we are also beginning to revisit some of the ways we keep our Nixon Bobcats safe at school. One of these ways is to provide opportunities to practice various emergency situations.

Below is a poster describing the 3 types of emergency drills we have at Nixon and the purpose for practicing those drills. There is a quote about practicing not until you get it right, but until you can't possibly get it wrong. It is our hope that we will never be in a situation where our learnerners would engage in the emergencies that we practice for, but we want to be sure to be so effective at our drills that we can't possibly get it wrong if we ever have to.

Big picture