By Lexin Aldridge

History of Auroras

When the first people saw an aurora, they thought it was super natural, they thought it was signs of war, or the dead trying to talk to them through the sky. The first recorded sight of one of theses auroras was back in 2600 B.C. It was in China. Thats when people started to notice it, and people started to study it through science, not through guessing.

How it happens

The first people thought that all Auroras was super natural. Soon later some people recorded the sighting of one of them. This sparked some ideas. First people thought that it was the sun reflected off of some water in the sky. But after some research some people thought it has to do with the sun, atoms, some water and more things in space.

Auroras in space

Big image
Big image

What happens when they happen

  • They have shut down power for whole countries before
  • There is a solar storm during the time of the Aurora
  • We can use a black/white cam to study them
  • They used to happen all the time in the past
  • Polar explorers saw them all the time
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Lexin Aldridge