Australia Culture

By The Awesome Dalten

Australia Fact

Australia is the only country that covers a whole continent. Most of the people that live in Australia come from other country's like United Kingdom, Europe and many more, the people like it some much because it's warm and beautiful.

Australia: Meeting You

Australia likes people that are humble and have a sense of humor and people who are modest. Australians usually will say "G DAY" or "G DAY mate" It just means hello or good day but visitors should just say "Hello" or "How are you doing"

Watch Your Table Manners!

Hold your fork in the left hand and knife in right while eating. When finished eating lay your knife and fork parallel on you plate with the handles facing to the right. Keep your elbows of the table and hands above the table while eating.


The biggest religion is christian and the second is catholic.


Not just Easter and Christmas, Australia celebrates Anzca, It marks the anniversary of the first major military action fought by Australian and New Zealand forces during the First World War.


The food in Australia is mostly BBQ and kind of like America. They also have Snags which are sausage.
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