August 2013

What we have Got?

299 Advms Executives would undergo a training through call on 5 major topics identified basis EQ Audits.

Topics to be Covered?

1. Do Not Disturb. . 2. Mobile Number Portibility  -Port Out3.Miossed Call Information. 4. New Connection. 5. Mobile Internet  -how to fetch Bonus points

Remember sound product Knowledge is imperative to score full marks in Query resolution parameter in EQ audits.

Don’t miss the chance and ensure your team members attend this Training on Call.

**Training Dates to be shared by tomorrow.

What do You need to do?

Attached is the List of Active ADVMS along with the ETOP UP number. In case any number is incorrect or any edition is required kindly do so and share it with Shobhraj.sharma@vodafone.com.