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Tayla Dunn

Tayla Dunn

Tayla Dunn plays for North Nowra Cambewarra Blues under 10s and Tayla got batting award with 185 runs and average of 37.0 ! Tayla's nickname is boss because she tells everyone what to do !

Tayla, Tayla, Tayla !!


Tayla in 2014 went to Victoria with he mum and went to do cricket and she was lucky to meet her good friend Charlotte. They came 3rd out of the whole competition and there were 13 teams she thinks and on her first game she was so nervous but she ended up getting 34 runs ad she was so close to get the batting award that she was that close that the girl got 37 runs!

Paul Davidson

If your lucky enough you will have Paul Davidson as your coach because he is the best coach in the world.