$20 Bill Debate

Who Do You Think Should Be On The $20 Dollar Bill?

Reasons Why Andrew Jackson Shouldn't Be On The $20 Dollar Bill

Reason number 1:

He supported slavery. He owned and profited from the labor of slaves. It says that he profited from the labor because they performed harvesting cotton on his 1,000 acre estate. If he participates in such a horrible thing than he doesn't deserve to be on the $20 dollar bill.

Reason number 2:

He committed genocide against the Native Americas. He is responsible for the " Indian removal Act of 1830 ". This act forced the Cherokee people from their land to move west. Which ended up killing thousands of people. After this they forcefully removed 40,000 people from their land. This is very unfair and cruel of Andrew Jackson. I would want someone idealistic to be on the $20 dollar bill. Not someone who was a murderer.

Reason number 3:

He opposed paper currency. Andrew Jackson was an opponent of the central banking system. This just makes it logical that he doesn't deserve to be on something he never wanted in the first place.