The Mail Man

by: Jared Chaka

BOOM! CRACKLE!! SHAZAM!!! This wasn’t like any other normal summer day in Greece. John was driving home from work passing out mail all day, listening to his favorite singer, “Justin Bieber”. When he heard the radio static, he knew the weather was Ferocious. John got so angry because he missed the best part of Never say never. “BUTT HEAD!” Yelled John, “You Monster!”. Him knowing it was the all mighty Zeus.

When John got home that day, bummed and not in the mood to do anything, his son and daughter, Elisa and Todd always cheer him up. Unlike today, Elisa was having boy problems and Todd was spending too much time in jail. After a while of thinking, John saw the bright side of the world and realized there’s more to life than sitting on the couch and crying because you missed you favorite song, so he stopped being sad and gloomy and started to make dinner. He screamed “WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE FOR DINNER!?!?!”. Elisa said “beans always makes me feel better”. Silence filled Todd’s room.

Latter that night the weather got even more crazier, trees fell over, streets were flooded, everything was a mess. John stepped outside surprised of how bad it was. A big cloud hovered over John. ZAP!!! Lightning struck and Zeus appeared.

“Neal before me!” Shouted Zeus, “Are you the one who called me a BUTT HEAD?!?”

“Y-Yes” Replied John.

Now since Zeus and John were best buds in high school, he let him off the hook on this one, but Zeus didn’t come down there for no soul to take. So he made a deal with John. “because I’ve given you a second chance, you must give me either your daughter or your sons soul in return”. John had a major choice to make.

Regrettably, John gave Zeus Elisa’s soul because he never really did want a daughter in the first place. After he made that big decision, he felt so lonely because Elisa is dead and Todd is still in jail. He never really did get over what happened that night.