Montrose - Week of 10/29

News from Mrs. Samuels' Office

Halloween for Staff

All staff members are welcome to dress for the Halloween Parade if you wish. My apologies for not including that over the course of the month.

As a reminder, any staff member who will not participate in the parade may stay indoors. Please let me know (if you haven’t already).

Have an Awesome Week!

This week, we will enjoy the festivities that we've long planned for. Enjoy yourselves, one another and our amazing students!

Reminder: Please bring students' backpacks and lunchboxes to the auditorium before 1:00.

Paraprofessional sign in

Beginning Thursday, November 1, all paraprofessionals are asked to sign in in 2 places in the Main Office:

1. The regular Delta-T timesheet

2. The sign in sheet (right next to the above-mentioned timesheets), which lets us know who's here in case of an emergency and for daily/monthly attendance purposes.


Staff Celebrations

If there is a celebration (birthday, milestone, etc) that you would like featured in the weekly news update, please email me and I'll be happy to add it.