Bravery Isn't Always Easy

Collette Fratangelo


Page 114- "Lets put on the jacket and find more divergent." Tris is pretending to be a guard for the bad side and knows that if they find her they will kill her. Instead of hiding though, she wants to try to save the conscious people and help the divergent to escape.

Page 237- "I killed Will." Tris knew that saying she killed Will would make Tobias angry and Christina hate her.

Page 446- "I knew I had to sacrifice myself to Jeannine to save everyone else." Tris knew she was going to die but was brave and went to Jeannine anyway so only she would die.

Who, What, Where, When, Why, & How

Who- 24 US army veterans

What- medals given to them for bravery

Where- Washington Hall of Heroes

When- March 19, 2014

Why- For the courage shown 2 months before D-Day

How- Risked their lives to save others and serve their country

Theme, Connections to Novel, Understanding of Theme

Theme- Showing courage of bravery is hard when our friends are dying for something and you could die too.

Connections to Novel- Tris and Tobias risk their lives multiple times for each other and the other factions.

Understanding of Theme- Bravery doesn't have to be shooting a gun. It could be the words you say of the actions you take.

My Real life Experience of Bravery

My dance studio goes to a dance convention each year. Its a class with about 400 amazing dancers you compete against for a scholarship. In one of my classes the teacher asked if someone wanted to come up on stage and demonstrate. I bravely raised my hand and went on stage in front of 400 strangers that could dance better than me. I faced the fear of humiliation and was brave enough to go on the stage and I ended up getting a scholarship!