Ms. Zunguze's

Fifth-Grade News

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  • Monday, February 22: No school--Teacher Work Day and George Washington's Birthday

  • Monday, February 29 from 7:30-9:00 AM: Claxton Families are invited to Tea & Talk with the Superintendent

  • (NEW DATE) Wednesday, March 2 from 8:30-approximately 12:30: Muddy Sneakers 1/2-Day Walking Field Trip to Weaver Park Please e-mail Ms. Zunguze at <>, if you are available to chaperone this walking field trip. It's a gentle walk with a small group, led by a naturalist, as well as quite a fun and educational trip!

  • Wednesday, March 9 from 9:30-11:15 A.M.: Field Trip to Asheville Symphony Orchestra Stay tuned for more information from Mr. Butler!

  • Friday, March 11: Final $27 ($327 total) payment is due for Washington, D.C. Field Trip

  • Tuesday, March 15 from 5:30-7:00 P.M.: Claxton Chicken Dinner and Math Carnival

  • Friday, March 18 from 7:00-11:00 P.M.: Claxton Light-the-Night Fundraiser

  • Monday, March 21: Deadline to order a Class T-Shirt (See below for details.)

  • May 24-June 7 (contingent on snow days): All of Asheville City Schools will conduct EOG testing in the last 10 academic days of school.
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Earlier in the year, our students designed a T-shirt together as a team-building activity. Their shirt design features our class motto: "Learn like champions!" After some research, I have found a website that can actually make their collective ideas into a reality! It would be wonderful to have these shirts printed and delivered before our class trip to Washington, D.C. in April. If you'd like to order a class T-shirt, here is the link to purchase online: All orders must be submitted by March 21st in order to have the T-shirts delivered to Claxton before our D.C. field trip. Please note: Whether or not your child plans on traveling to D.C., he/she is still invited to join us in wearing our class shirts throughout the rest of the school year!
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Math Support

  • Check out this website that provides sample math problems and answers as well as videos for homework help: <>!
  • I have also set up a free class account with Kahn Academy. Your child can join Ms. Zunguze's Kahn Academy class, which provides standards-based math missions that are individualized based on your student's progress within the program. I will offer extra credit for each online session that your child completes. Here's how to join:
  1. Sign up at <>.
  2. Visit <> (the "Coaches" tab in your profile).
  3. In the "Add a coach" field, enter the class code, which is APAP8A.
  4. You're set. Now click Home to start learning!


On a recent trip downstairs to visit with our first-grade reading buddies in Ms. Fields's class, our fifth graders noticed how much our little buddies have improved their reading skills! In fact, many of our six and seven-year-old friends are now able to read to us. Our students worked on supporting the first graders with sounding out words, reading sight words, and identifying literary elements, including genre, plot, and theme, We all got a kick out of Laura Numeroff's If You Give a Dog a Donut from her series of books that include the more well-known, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie. Our classes discussed the following overarching themes of the books in this series: (1) If you give someone an inch, he/she'll take a mile. (2) A caretaker's patience, generosity, and good humor can be both admirable and taken for granted. In the end, Mrs. Robinson, the first-grade assistant, commented that we looked as if we were teaching a college literature course! Indeed, I am always proud of the work that we do in Room 300 and beyond!
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  • Thank you to all of your contributions to our class Valentine's Day Party!

  • Thank you, too, for all of your generous support with classroom supplies!