The Rideau Report

Year end message

Principal's Message

Dear Rideau Families,

It is hard to believe that the year is almost at an end. For me this marks 5 years at Rideau, and it is always amazing to look back and see how much the students have grown, learned and changed over the years. I will not be back in September next year, but look forward to returning in January to continue the great work that is underway at Rideau. It is a wonderful school community, and a great example of what can be accomplished when staff, families and the community work together to support student achievement.

A sincere thanks to all families, students, and staff for their flexibility and perseverance this year, as we dealt with so many new ways of being together, including through technology. Students adapted so well to masks, cohorts, and different ways of learning, and they truly showed grit and determination. This would not have been possible without the support of families. We made it through the challenges of the pandemic, and look forward to September with the hope of a return to a more normal year.

I hope everyone has a relaxing, recharging, safe summer. Take care,

G. Seiveright, Principal

Staff update

Best wishes and Congratulations to Mme Vicki, who will be enjoying retirement after many years of dedication to students and their families!

Good luck to Mme Price, Mme Carlone, and Ms. Doornekamp, who will be on maternity leave next year.

Mme Lockhart, Mme Frappier, Mme Reynolds and Mr. Seiveright will all be on leave first term, and back for second term.

We are happy to welcome Mme LeBlanc and Mme Eastabrook back to Rideau after a year away. We also welcome new faces Mme Beauvais and Mme Coon for first term and Mme Loiselle for second term. We are also excited to welcome Bryan Derbyshire to Rideau as acting Vice Principal in September. Mr. Derbyshire joins us from Truedell PS, where he has worked for the last several years. A couple of positions remain to be filled over the next week.

Staff List for Sept 2021 (as of June 21, subject to change):

Mme Kozo/Mme Coulas - kindergarten

Mlle Sveinson/Mme Graham - kindergarten

Mme Kennedy/Mme Sparkes - kindergarten

M Himada/M Ohayon - kindergarten

Mme Reynolds (LTO TBA until Jan.)/ECE TBA - kindergarten

Mme LeBlanc - gr. 1

Mme Matthews - gr. 1

Mme Bettas - gr. 1

Mme Eastabrook - gr. 2

Mme Walker - gr. 2

Mme Beauvais term 1, Mme Loiselle term 2 - gr. 2/3

Mme Meyerman - gr. 3

Mme Morawiec - gr. 3

Mme Lieberman - gr. 3/4

Mme Salter - gr. 4

M Cameron - gr. 5

Mme Coon term 1, Mme Frappier term 2 - gr. 5/6

Mme Gazdik (0.4 term 1 LTO TBA) - gr. 6

Mrs. Simmons - English to Immersion gr. 2/3-gr. 4

Mr. Baker - English to Immersion/Science gr. 5-6

Mr. Davison - Music/Planning Time

Ms. Doornekamp/LTO TBA - Planning Time

Mme Gazdik term 1/Mme Lockhart term 2 - SST

Mme Jacinthe - EA

Mme Krista - Student Support Counselor

Ms. Gillespie - Office Administrator

Ms. Brown - Assistant Office Administrator

Mr. Cadue - Head Custodian

Mr. Allum - Evening Lead Hand

Ms. Lutz - Evening Custodian

Mr. Derbyshire - acting VP/SST

Mme Arsenault - acting Principal

Device return/report and personal item pickup

Reminders for our scheduled Device Return and Report Card/Personal Item pickup day, Wednesday, June 23:

· Each student may be accompanied by a maximum of 2 adults.

· Masking is mandatory for all attendees and physical distancing will be in place; hand hygiene protocols will also be followed.

· Everyone coming to the school must complete the COVID self-screener prior to coming to school using the following link: . Do not come to the school if you do not pass the screener.

· Please come at your designated time – if you can not come on Wednesday, June 23, you can come to the main doors Thursday, June 24 – Wednesday, June 30, from 8:30 – 3:30. If you can not come at any of those times to return technology and collect personal items, please contact the school. Any report cards not picked up by Wednesday, June 30 will be mailed.

*Grade 6 students are reminded that they have individual times, which were sent last week

Schedule: Wednesday, June 23, 2021

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congratulations graduates!

Congratulations to our 45 Grade 6 Graduates! These students have been exellent leaders and role models in their time at Rideau, and we will miss them very much. Whether they have been Rhinos for only a year, or for 8, they have all left their mark on Rideau and on our school community. Congratulations Grads on your success, and best of luck in grade 7 and beyond! Felicitations!

school year calendar 2021-2022

The Ministry of Education has approved the Limestone District School Board’s 2021-2022 School Year Calendar.

The approved calendar (pictured below) allows for a traditional start for students following Labour Day. The first day of school for students will be Tuesday, September 7, 2021. Staff will begin the school year with a Professional Activity (PA) Day on Friday, September 3, 2021. The office will be open for inquiries the week of August 30

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asus summer camps from queens

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youth vaccination clinics

Youth aged 12 and older are now eligible to receive COVID-19 vaccination in Ontario. KFL&A Public Health will be offering special youth vaccination clinics beginning the week of June 7 and continuing to June 28.

How to book a first dose appointment at Youth and Family Vaccination Clinics

  • To make a vaccination appointment, please use the link below.
  • Youth clinics will be held beginning on June 8 to June 28.
  • Please note you will need to be 12 years of age at the time of the appointment.
  • Appointments are for parents/guardians as well as the youth and the link can accommodate different booking options. For example, youth only (if both parents/guardians are already immunized) or a parent/guardian with multiple eligible youth.

KFL&A Public Health - COVID-19 Vaccination Clinic | Scheduling and Booking Website (

School Council News

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Our School Council has had its last official meeting of the year. We look forward to in-person meetings in the fall, and to being able to do more community events to bring families together! Stay tuned for information about meetings in September.


If you know your child will be moving to a different school and will not be at Rideau for September 2021 (other than grade 6 students), please contact the office or your child's teacher to let us know. We need to ensure that each student's Ontario Student Record (OSR) is sent to the correct location, and that our classes for September are built with accurate student lists.