The Aztecs

By Addison Nowak

The Aztec Empire

The Aztecs lived on an Island called Tenochtitlan, it was in the middle of lake Tex coco (Tes -coco) they had raised roads to get to the mainland called causeways that could raise and lower in case of emergency.

Social Structure & Religion

The Aztec Empire had one king and one government that was in charge of the entire empire. Underneath the king was their sons that would take their place when they passed. The third on the scale was warriors and priests. Warriors were fighting neighboring tribes, and priests performed the religious ceremonies.

Aztec Power

Cultural Acheivements

How do Aztecs impact us today?

The Aztec have made many impacts on the world today such as embroidered cloth, riddles, astronomy, and ceremonial jewelry.

What happened to the Aztecs?

In the late 1400's Hernan Cortez and his conquistadors arrived in America and in about 1519 they arrived in Mexico, there was a prophecy that in 1519 the god Quetzalcoatl would arrive the Aztec emperor could only think that he was that god because he had only seen people with dark skin such as himself so mistakenly the Aztecs welcomed him into their empire and soon a war broke out the conquistadors were out numbered but the spaniards had horses and metal weapons so they managed to win the war and the Aztec empire collapsed.