Class Career Project

What's required for this career

The abilities that you need is being able to work together as a team. Also have the strength to lift things. Being able to work under stressful conditions and having good people skills, such as treating a patient like a person. The reason that I'm interested in this career path is because I want to be able to help someone and being known as the hero that saved a person's life. Plus being a firefighter seems really cool and I like working as a team.

Job Description

The work and activities that you will be doing as a firefighter is to help people from fire in their home or anywhere, medical service, search and rescue, and disaster's assistance. Write written reports on fire or emergency incidents. Also firefighters typically work long and varied hours, often about 50 hours a week. Most of the time, firefighters work a 24-hour shift.

Training and Education

The type of education you will need for this career is to have a high school diploma and need to know biology science, chemistry, and physics. The training you will need is to major in emergency and fire services. Also maintenance and operation of emergency equipment. Which you will be training at fire academies run by the department or state for several weeks.

Job Outlook

Employment of firefighters is expected to grow 9 percent, slower than the average for all occupations. Continued population growth will increase the number of emergency calls requiring firefighter responses. The majority of situations that firefighters respond to are medical,rather than fire emergencies, and the aging of the population will lead to an increased demand for emergency responders.


The amount of money they make in a year is an average of 45,000. But in other cases it depends in which state you're in, such as in Illinois you make about 50,000 but in New Jersey you make about 71,000. It all depends in the state you work in.


Even though being a firefighter might sound like a lot of work, its actually not so bad if you really like it. I mean having to write reports on the incidents isn't so bad, if you don't mind writing. Also I think its worth it for just saving those people, animals or anything out there and knowing that you saved a life and that everyone appreciates your is work, is a really good feeling. Which is why I want to become a firefighter.