December in the Library

What's Happening?

Mr. Lemery's Class

Do you think plants can't grow in the winter? Think again! Mr. Lemery's students have been growing cucumbers and beans in the library as they learn about plants. Using what they've learned in class and from databases, they are observing, discussing, and documenting the growth of their plants. Along the way, they've also hypothesized that singing to the plants and talking nicely to them may have some affect on their growth. Take a look at the students with their plants below!

First Grade Classes

What are your family's traditions for Thanksgiving? To go along with their Social Studies theme of traditions, first graders have answered this question by writing a sentence about their families and drawing a picture. Using Voicethread, a really neat digital storytelling tool, we have uploaded their pictures to a class slideshow and recorded each students' voice to narrate their picture.

Take a look at their finished Voicethreads!

Mrs. Clifford's Class

Mrs. Raymond's Class

Mrs. Wick's Class

Mrs. Petronis and Mrs. Ciccarelli's Third Grade Class

Do you think you know a lot about the different habitats of the world? The third graders in Mrs. Petronis and Mrs. Ciccarelli's Third Grade Class will be experts by the end of the month. Using PebbleGo, Grolier, and World Book, students will be researching the animals, products, climate, plants and more of each habitat. Once they've finished researching, they'll be creating posters with facts about each habitat. Stop by their room within the next few weeks to learn about rain forests, polar regions, deserts, and the ocean habitats!

Mrs. Gerrain's Third Grade Class

After completing their stints as travel agents developing England brochures, Mrs. Gerrain's third grade class is diving into researching different animals. They'll be using their newly acquired research skills to navigate through World Book and PebbleGo as they write informational pieces on their animals.

Mrs. Glebus's Fourth Grade Class

If you've ever read something once, and then reread it again, and then five more times and still can't remember what you're reading (is that happening right now?!), it's time to get some advice from Mrs. Glebus's students. They've been working on close-reading strategies when they come to the library and are applying them to their Realistic Fiction book reports.

Mrs. Cyr's Fourth Grade Class

If you haven't checked out Mrs. Cyr's class's blog, you're really missing out! They have over 40 posts and over 200 page views! They have set a goal to have at least 20 more posts on their blog by Winter Break....check back often to see their progress.

Mrs. Cyr's Class's Book Review Blog

Mrs. Baker's Sixth Grade Social Studies Classes

After spending all month finding information in World Book and Grolier about their countries, Mrs. Baker's social studies classes will be developing their own PowerPoint presentations.

If you have a moment, take a look at the neat tool they used in World Book to compare their countries with the United States:

World Book Comparing Tool

Sixth Grade Elementary Tribune

Did you miss the most recent edition of the Warrensburg Elementary Tribune? Take a stroll through the 4th, 5th, and 6th grade hallways to see it on the walls, or scroll down and take a look below!

Cool Tool to use with your Students!

If you haven't taken a look at the PebbleGo database this year, please take a minute to do so. We are subscribing to two new sections, Biographies and Social Studies. Each are packed with information, pictures, timelines, and more! What's even better is that any grade can use them since there is an option to have the articles read to you. If you need the usernames and passwords for the databases, please let Ms. Reddy know!