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Junior lives on the rez,everyone knew each other.However many people seemed to have given up on their dreams.Junior recalls this with his sister as on page 26,Junior,Arnold Spirit, said "After high school my sister just froze. Didn't go to college,didn't get a job. Didn't do anything. Kind of sad, I guess,"(Alexie 26). Eventually Junior was given courage to move ahead past the others. He wanted to do something with his life. He then moved to Reardean. At this school many seemed to have motivation. However due to him moving the Rez became angry with him for his betrayal for leaving the rez. Junior moved along trying to get through school,joins a sports team,and goes through tough times. Eventually the rez softens up on him.He then reconnects with old friends.

About Junior (Arnold Spirit)

Junior is in High school and shown to be very smart. He is very down to earth, a dreamer,and ambitious as on page 6"I feel like I might grow up to be someone important.An artist.Maybe a famous artist.Maybe a rich artist"(Alexie 6). Junior is good at basketball,he is said to be skinny,and have "water on the brain".

Conflict and Resolution

Junior has a both character vs. self and character vs. society conflict. Junior lives on the rez and everyone has give up on what they want to do. That's how the society is as Mr.P,Junior's teacher,said on page 42," All these kids have given up...All your friends.All the bullies.And their mothers and fathers have given up,too.And their grandparents gave up and their grandparents before them.And me and every other teacher here.We're all defeated,"(Alexie 42). Arnold decides to move but the rez resents this move calling him a traitor. Junior is also against himself wondering if this is the right thing to do and if he should have abandoned the rez. However through Junior's journey,and the rough stuff he went through,they softened up on him. People from the rez are there for him along with the kids from his school.Junior moves ahead with his education and ambitions.


Diary of a Part-Time Indian carries a strong message of hope. With junior living on the rez everyone has given up on a future. Junior however get motivation to move past the others despite the rez's opinion. He finds a way to move on and take a different course. As Mr.P,Junior's teacher, said on page 43"You're going to find more and more hope the farther and farther you walk away from this sad,sad,sad reservation."(Alexie 43). He then moves to a new school for a future. Even though the rez disagrees Junior moves on and eventually the rez softens up. Alexie's Diary of a Part-Time Indian has strong messages of moving on for the better,to have hope,despite what others think.

Textual Evidence

On page 6 Junior,Arnold Spirit, said"So I draw because I want to talk to the world."(Alexie 6)

This is my favorite quote because this shows how pictures can be more expressive than words.


Overall this book deserves a five out of five stars. This is because this book displays a strong message of hope and shows someone moving ahead,this could inspire others. Mover over this book doesn't get dull due to all the humorous jokes and current events.In addition there are many themes that many could relate to.


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