Wonderful Coral Reefs

By Brianna

A Lot of Coral

Coral reefs have a lot of coral. This happens because of bumps called polyps that appear in the sand. They grow and spread, then coral forms. Coral has polyps on it that spread and join to create more coral. There are different types of polyps that create different species of coral. Some coral reefs are endangered and don't have a lot of coral. You could help save them today.

Hungry Coral

Did you know coral could eat? In order for coral to eat, it has to be soft coral. Corals' cousins, starfish, eat just like coral. Their mouths are little holes in their bodies that open and close. Coral and starfish are very messy eaters, and eat other sea creatures like fish. I think it's cool that coral can eat.
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Types of Coral

Although some coral looks the same, did you ever wonder what species they really are? There are two main types of coral, Hard coral and Soft coral. Some examples of hard coral and soft coral are Brain coral, Black coral and Saucer coral. When at least two different types of polyps join with other rocks, plants and more polyps, they form a new species of coral. There are many different types of coral. Some haven't even been discovered yet.

Poisoned Reefs

Coral is not poisonous. Even though coral isn't poisonous, we still shouldn't touch it. You may see scientists touch coral for experiments, but we may actually be poisonous to coral and when we touch it, we may ruin that coral reef. A lot of people see Brain coral and other coral that has been bleached and think it has been poisoned when it is not. Let's take care of the coral reefs!
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Coral Life

Many fish live in the coral reefs. In coral reefs, fish like to hide on, in and under coral. A coral reef is an ecosystem, so fish swim, eat and sometimes get eaten. Did you know, a fish in the coral reefs called a Little Wrasse safely cleans sharks' teeth and they are only 2 inches long! Everybody must love life in the coral reefs.
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  1. Polyps- Little bumps that are created under water, get buried (just like seeds) and coral forms.
  2. Soft coral- A main type of coral that is flexible.
  3. Hard coral- A main type of coral that is stiff, rough and can be sharp.
  4. Poisonous- You should not touch or eat something if it is poisonous, it could make you sick or you may even die.
  5. Bleached- When something is white, hard and it takes a while to get better from it.
  6. Ecosystem- The way earth works for all creatures like, when water plants a plant and is a home to a snail so it has babies and a shrimp eats them.
  7. Little Wrasse- Small fish that clean sharks teeth for a living, and sharks don't mind.