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Baylor is the best option, because its a private Christian university and a nationally ranked research institution. It's located in Waco, Texas and the acceptance rate is 55.40%. Also the setting is urban, and the campus size is 1,000 acres.

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What is Dia Del Oso?

We have are own holiday at at Baylor that is called, "Dia Del Oso" (Bear day), a day when all classes are canceled so students can come and participate in athletic tournaments and attend free concerts. It happens every year in the month of April on the 11th that is, "Noche Del Oso"(Bear night), and the 12th where it happens all-day.

All about sports

Athletics is a significant part of the college experience and the contribution of a team sport would enhance the community spirit. Football is a big part of Baylor and is one of the best Football teams in the country. Baylor has won a combined 50 Big 12 regular season (31) and tournament (19) championships in the Big 12's 17-year history, 20 better than the 30 total titles earned in 81 years of Southwest Conference membership.


Deadlines are important if you want to attend college, there's the Early Action and Single Choice Early Action that allows students to receive an admission decision earlier than their peers who apply Regular Admission. Visit to learn more about these deadlines.

Student Financial Aid Budget

The tuition at Baylor is $40,198 per year, the room is $6,500, and the board is $4,208. A combination of room and board along with a job would really decrease cost while increasing of a successful experience, where debt was kept down. In order to make the highest score possible when you make above a 2400, most universities will give scholarships. For more information visit our page

Extra information about the University

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College is a great experience, but you must work hard to get there. Keep up the work and we will see you soon !

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