St. Patrick's Day


History of St. Patrick's Day

This holiday is celebrated every year on March 17th, honoring the Irish patron saint, St. Patrick. The celebrations are largely Irish culture themed and typically consist of wearing green, parades, and drinking. People all over the world celebrate St. Patrick's Day, especially places with large Irish-American communities.

St. Patrick's Day was first celebrated in America in 1737, organized by the Charitable Irish Society of Boston, including a feast and religious service. This first celebration of the holiday in the colonies was largely to honor and celebrate the Irish culture that so many colonists had been separated from. It is celebrated all over America and in multiple European countries.

St. Patrick's Day Celebrations in Different Countries

Ireland - This celebration is more religious in nature, as it is considered a religious feast day. The first Saint Patrick's Festival was held in 1996 and it was made an official holiday in 1903. During these recent years, the even has become more cultural and consists of many celebrations in the streets.

England - There are usually huge festivals held many big cities like Manchester, Liverpool, and others. Some cities like Manchester hold a two week long festival before the holiday. Over the years St. Patrick's day has grown in England, with some town halls flying Irish flag colors.

U.S.A. - Celebrated a lot in big cities like Boston, New York, and Chicago. Although it is not a legal holiday in the United States it is widely recognized and observed throughout the country as a celebration of Irish and Irish-American culture.

Canada - The parade has been held yearly since 1824 in Montreal. The Irish Association of Manitoba organizes a three-day festival of Irish culture in the week of St Patrick's Day.

Argentina - In Buenos Aires, a party is held in the downtown street of Reconquista, where there are several Irish pubs.

Effects of St. Patrick's Day on the Economy

  • About $600 are spent per visitor
  • Local businesses will be given a boost of $65 Million
  • Gained over $5 million in exports
  • Spend over $16 million to boost their tourism


  • Average person will spend over $100
  • Sales of Guinness will increase dramatically, helping business


  • Americans will spend $250 million
  • An average person will spend about $35
  • Over $4.7 Billion will be spent on all celebrations
  • Generate over 250 jobs in major cities


  • Generate over $50 million in revenue
  • Over 200 jobs are created


  • Attracts over 20,000 people to celebrate
  • Over $4.5 million in revenue

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