Monday Memo

April 11, 2016


On Tuesday, Beverly Cleary will turn 100! It's hard to believe that this icon of children's literature is going to be 100 years old and that some of her most famous books were written over 50 years ago. Here is a link to an interview from the Today show. What is so impressive is how timeless her books are in their influence on children.

This week (Wednesday - Friday) our third through fifth graders will be taking the NYS math tests. Our students are well prepared for this tests due to the excellent teaching that occurs every day here at T. J. Once again, please remember that there will be students in a variety of locations taking the tests during the day.

Thank you to the Olwues committee for another successful assembly. It was great to see the Wildcat at our assembly!

Here's some pictures from last week...


Arendt, Smith, Rowley

PM: Hughes, Grattan, Roman

Monday, April 11

Tuesday, April 12

  • SST, 9:30 am Reading Room

Wednesday, April 13
  • Day 1, Math Exam - Grades 3-5

    Thursday, April 14

    • Day 2, Math Exam - Grades 3-5
    • Primary Faculty Meeting, 3:20, TJC Library
    • PTA Meeting, 6 pm, TJC Library

    Friday, April 15
    • Day 3, Math Exam - Grades 3-5


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