Ross / Ellis Weekly Newsletter

September 25, 2015

"Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known."

- Carl Sagan

What Will We Be Learning This Week?

The Leader in Me

This week we will be focusing on Habit 5: Seek First to Understand, Then to Be Understood. Students will learn the importance of listening and how that can help them in school and with their friends.



This week students have studied Comparison Problems and Equations, Comparison Equations and Mixed Comparison Problems. Some students have struggled to solve comparison problems like the ones below. Take some time to see if your child understands these problems:

  1. Sammy has 16 pieces of gum. This is 8 times as many as Tommy has. How many pieces of gum does Tommy have?
  2. Tara has 6 times as many goldfish as Rita. If Rita has 8 goldfish, how many does Tara have?

Accelerated Math:

Accelerated Math continues to be a weekly expectation. Just a few reminders:

  • 3 objectives should be mastered by Thursday afternoon.
  • Students are allowed to use calculators on AM.
  • Students can work on AM online only if they are able to bring an electronic daily.
  • Students may work on AM on paper even if they have an electronic with them daily. They do not have to work online. Some students just prefer paper AM.
  • Students are expected to make corrections on all AM. This helps to review difficult concepts and to master objectives.
  • Students may work on AM at home. It should be in backpacks daily.


Students are continuing to learn about and research Natural Disasters. They enjoy this very much! The research has been delayed due to time constraints and will continue next week.

Language Arts

We will continue reading biographies in our guided reading groups.

We will have a spelling list this week but it will not be tested until next Tuesday since there is no school on Friday. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday will have the same spelling homework as usual. The Parent Writing Sort will be assigned for next Monday night in preparation for Tuesday's test.

Social Studies

This week we will be learning about the difference between North Carolina's natural resources, human resources, and capital resources.

Relief Map Project:

The due date for our relief map project is coming up soon, on October 9. Here is the info that I sent home on this project a few weeks back for your reference. Please see me if you have any questions:

In addition to our usual classwork, students will be given the opportunity to complete an enrichment project at home for extra credit by creating a relief map of North Carolina that shows its three regions and major landforms. Students who wish to complete this project will need to turn it in by Friday, October 9. Students who complete this project will be given a 5 point bump in their social studies grade for the first quarter, up to 100% for the overall grade for the quarter. Students who choose not to do this project will not be penalized in any way as it is an extra credit project for students who would like further enrichment in social studies.

Please click the link below for further details:

North Carolina Relief Map Project

Odds & Ends

Weekly Progress Reports

We will begin sending home weekly progress reports this week. These reports are to help parents stay on top of their children's grades. These do not need to be signed or returned to school.

Scholastic Book Orders

We will be sending home another Scholastic Book Order on Monday. It will be due Thursday, 10/1. Please remember that purchasing books from the Scholastic Book Orders is certainly not required.

If you would prefer to order online, use the link below and click the "Parents" tab to enter my class code: HBTXM.

Scholastic Book Orders

A Note From Mr. Ross:

I will be out October 7-9, helping the 5th graders on their Haw River field trip. During this time Mr. Weiss will be taking over for me in the classroom, teaching both of the language arts/social studies blocks. There will also be a substitute in the room to assist Mr. Weiss during that time. I will try to stay on email as best as I can but it can be difficult to get a signal at Haw River, so during that time please send any concerns that need immediate attention to Ms. Ellis at Thank you for your understanding. I hope to keep this trip going so that our 4th graders will be able to attend next year!

Technology in the Classroom

We will begin using online educational resources such as Accelerated Math and Google Classroom in both Ms. Ellis' and Mr. Ross' classes. Please feel free to send in a tablet or laptop with your child to school on a daily basis, if one is available. If not, we do have devices and computers in our rooms for students to be able to access these online resources, but they will have to be shared.

Upcoming Events

Sept. 28 – Great American Fundraiser Kick-Off

Oct. 2 – Teacher Workday

Oct. 2 – Elementary Night at Foard Football Game 7:30

Oct. 13 - Great American Fundraiser Begins

Oct. 13 – PDQ Night (5-9pm)

Oct. 13 – Permission Form and $9.00 due for Diamond Del

Oct. 16 – Diamond Del (on campus) Field Trip 4th Grade


Oct. 26 – Teacher Workday

Oct. 28 – Report Cards

Nov. 2 – Nov. 6 – Book Fair

Nov. 6 - Picture Make Ups

Nov. 10 – PDQ Night (5-9pm)

Nov. 11 – Veteran’s Day – NO SCHOOL

Nov. 26-27 Holiday – Happy Thanksgiving