What is a Web Designer?

Some stuff about Web Designers by Jared Schumacher

Definition of a Web Designer:

A Web designer is someone who designs Web pages. A Web designer is more focused on the look and feel of a website than how it works.

What Education do you Need?

  • What kind of degree do you need?
- You usually need a bachelors degree in a field such as, computer sciences.

  • What schools are noted for their programs in this area?
- Schools like DeVry University, ITT Tech, and Mesa Community College all offer web design programs.

  • Which AZ school have this Bachelors?
- See Section Below.

  • How much will this degree cost you?
- Depending on the college and course, expect to pay around $20,000 dollars, but keep in mind that some colleges will go more in depth than others.

  • How long does it take to receive this degree?
- It could take anywhere in between 2 to 6 years depending on how much you learn, and how quickly you learn it.

  • What specific degrees can you get in this area?
- You can get a web design degree.

Schools Noted for their Web Design Programs:


  • What kind of jobs can a web designer get?
- Some common jobs are, graphic designer, web designer, or a developer.

  • What types of companies do Web Designers want to work for?
- Web designers would usually work for companies that are modern and are most likely involved in some kind of social media.

  • How much do Web Designers make?
- Web designers usually make around $50,000 a year.


  • What languages do you need to know?

- HTML, PHP, CSS, and Java are some common languages used by Web Designers.

  • What skills do they want you have?
- You should be knowledgeable in multiple languages as well as being good at managing projects.

  • What types of projects/experiences do they want you have?
- They want you to have experience working on prior projects, they also would like you to be good at managing your time and resources.

  • What areas of the web do you focus on?
- You should focus most of your time on websites and how they work.


This line of work would be advantageous to your career because it's something that you can pick up easily, and you don't need to take expensive classes to improve your skills. It presents many opportunities in the way that it exposes you to many big companies and corporations, and you don't even need to leave your house to work! It sounds like an interesting field to work in, but im not interested in coding enough to do it as a full time job.